Adventure writing has a new frontier

Wracked by revolution, kidnappings, assassinations and the collateral damage of being the world’s largest cocaine lab, Colombia always held a certain allure for Matthew Thompson.

He could have grown up there had his American father not rejected a posting to Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, instead choosing Australia.

Overregulated and understimulated Down Under, and sick of wondering what life could have been like, Matthew quits his job, farewells his family, and runs to the mad country.

Weaving his way through frenzied carnivals, bull-runs, crack-houses, native magic, and encounters with armed gangs and paramilitaries, he becomes part of a world where the lines between friend and enemy, life and death, are often impossible to detect.

And just when he thinks it’s time to turn back, he finds himself beyond the point of return.

  This book is moving like contraband. Now in its fourth printing! Take a trip you will never forget.

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